Blink Box Collection pregnancy documenting journal cards
Blink Box Collection pregnancy documenting journal cards
Blink Box Collection pregnancy documenting journal cards
Blink Box

With Baby Box

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The Blink Box "with baby" box documents your pregnancy from 8 weeks through to 40 weeks and all the moments in between. You will be able to capture monthly memories of your how much your baby grew inside along with special milestones like when you found out what you were having, ultrasound photos and your little ones first bedroom that they get to come home to. 

Each card is titled on the front and a space for a 4 inch square photo and writing prompts on the back. Each deck contains 37 interactive cards, which includes 12 monthly cards to document your growing baby from one month to one year and 25 first year milestone cards. There are also singular letter cards to make a banner for BOY or GIRL.

Designed and made in USA, each card measures 5x7 inches (approximately 12.7x17.7cm) with rounded corners and is printed on true white matte cardstock with black ink. Each deck comes inside a kraft coloured box slightly larger than the cards so you can keep them safe in one place until the following year or any time you want to look back over them. Please note as these are from the USA some words may be spelled slightly differently e.g. organized, favorite, etc. or certain information may not be relevant, e.g. 4th of July.

Cards included in this deck:
- Title card with quote
- It's positive (reverse: photo space + date, reactions)
- We're expecting (reverse: photo space + how we told everyone, who, reactions)
- Heartbeat: 1st time (reverse: photo space + date, sounded like, thoughts)
- Your first ultrasound photo (reverse: photo space + date, week, thoughts)
- I get a kick out of you! (reverse: photo space + week of first flutter, feelings, foods)
- It's a girl card (reverse: photo space + date, thoughts)
- Letters G-I-R-L to make a banner
- It's a boy card (reverse: photo space + date, thoughts)
- Letters B-O-Y to make a banner
- The name game (reverse: photo space + date we decided, other names considered, thoughts)
- Your baby shower (reverse: photo space + date, favourite gift, hostess, thoughts)
- Your new digs (reverse: photo space + date, fave thing about nursery, so excited for you to wear)
- There go my toes (reverse: photo space + week I popped, maternity duds, fave outfit, thoughts)
- Today I am due (reverse: photo space + date, thoughts)
- You're not quite ready (reverse: photo space + date, days overdue, feelings)
- Here we go...can't wait to meet you (reverse: photo space + date, hospital, the drive, feelings, early/late/on time)
- Special delivery (reverse: photo space + name, date, time, weight, length)
- Date cards for weeks 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40

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