Toilet Training Charts


Created by the lovely Laura from Oh Really O'Riley here you can find two styles of progress charts, which you may find useful. They do not have to be a reward chart. They could just be used to track progress for both the child and parent/s. We've also included blank charts that can be used to help track other goals.

Notice anything special about these charts? They are tens frames. They are commonly used within New Zealand numeracy education (e.g. to teach number bonds to ten). Not sure what a tens frame is? Ten-Frames are two-by-five rectangular frames into which objects, e.g. counters, are placed to show numbers less than or equal to tenTen frames are very useful devices for developing number sense within the context of ten (NZ Maths).

The toilet training list is a handy resource to keep an eye out for some of the signs of toilet training readiness in your child. Please note this is not a checklist and by no means does your child have to meet all of these markers - you know your child best and will know when they're ready, this can just be a helpful guide for what to look out for.

For a full overview of toilet training tips tricks and ideas please read this super informative blog post to accompany the list.