Blink Box Collection document child's first milestones and favourite things
Blink Box Collection document child's first milestones and favourite things
Blink Box Collection document child's first milestones and favourite things
Blink Box Collection document child's first milestones and favourite things
Blink Box

Firsts & Favourites Box

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The Blink Box "firsts & favourites" box documents special milestones throughout early childhood. You will be able to capture memories of your child's favourite activities, toys, outfit and place to visit as well as firsts such as first teacher, first trip to the zoo and when they learned to ride a bike on their own. 

Each card is titled on the front and a space for a 4 inch square photo and writing prompts on the back. Each deck contains 42 interactive cards, which includes 13 cards to document your child's favourite things and 29 fact cards to share your child's firsts. 

Designed and made in USA, each card measures 5x7 inches (approximately 12.7x17.7cm) with rounded corners and is printed on true white matte cardstock with black ink. Each deck comes inside a kraft coloured box slightly larger than the cards so you can keep them safe in one place until the following year or any time you want to look back over them. Please note as these are from the USA some words may be spelled slightly differently e.g. organized, favorite, etc. or certain information may not be relevant, e.g. 4th of July.

Cards included in this deck:
- Title card
- I gave up my favourite baby item (reverse: photo space + age, date, baby item, reaction) 
- Favourite person (reverse: photo space + age, date, person, what we did)
- Favourite food (reverse: photo space + age, date, food, reaction)
- Favourite toy (reverse: photo space + age, date, toy, who gave it to me, reaction)
- Favourite game (reverse: photo space + age, date, game, who, reaction)
- Favourite cartoon (reverse: photo space + age, date, cartoon, where, reaction) 
- Favourite activity (reverse: photo space + age, date, activity, who, reaction)
- Favourite place to visit (reverse: photo space + age, date, place, who, what I liked most)
- Favourite quote (reverse: photo space + age, date, what I said, what prompted me to say it, reaction)
- Favourite costume or dress up outfit (reverse: photo space + age, date, outfit details, where I found it, where I liked to wear it)
- Favourite movie (reverse: photo space + age, date, movie, who, where, reaction)
- Favourite book (reverse: photo space + age, date, book, who read it, age I learned to read it by myself)
- Favourite outfit (reverse: photo space + age, date, where I wore it, reaction)
- First Easter (reverse: photo space + age, date, what we did, reaction)
- First 4th of July (reverse: photo space + age, date, what we did, reaction)
- First Halloween (reverse: photo space + age, date, what we did, reaction)
- First Christmas (reverse: photo space + age, date, what we did, favourite gift, reaction)
- I sang along for the first time (reverse: photo space + age, date, song, who I sang with, reaction)
- First dance move (reverse: photo space + age, date, specific moves, dance partner(s))
- First pet (reverse: photo space + age, date, favourite activity together, how we got pet)
- First trip to the pool (reverse: photo space + age, date, who, what I liked most, reaction)
- First potty break (reverse: photo space + age, date, where, reactions)
- First trip to the park (reverse: photo space + age, date, park, who, what I liked most)
- First trip to the zoo (reverse: photo space + age, date, zoo, who, what I liked most)
- First trip to a museum (reverse: photo space + age, date, museum, who, what I liked most) 
- Attended first sporting event (reverse: photo space + age, date, event, who, what I liked most)
- First trip to the cinema (reverse: photo space + age, date, movie, who, reaction)
- First time in the sand (reverse: photo space + age, date, where, beach, reaction)
- First snow (reverse: photo space + age, date, where I played, reaction)
- First camping trip (reverse: photo space + age, date, place, who, reaction)
- First best friend (reverse: photo space + age, date, friend, what we did, how we met)
- First work of art (reverse: photo space + age, date, where I made it, who for, reaction)
- First day of school (reverse: photo space + age, date, school, teacher, reaction)
- First teacher (reverse: photo space + age, date, teacher, school, reaction to teacher)
- First award (reverse: photo space + age, date, award, how did I get it)
- First organised sport (reverse: photo space + age, date, sport, what I liked most)
- First electronic (reverse: photo space + age, date, electronic, who got it, reaction)
- I'm now swimming (reverse: photo space + age, date, place, who helped me, reaction)
- I learned to tie my shoe (reverse: photo space + age, date, place, who helped me, reaction)
- First major injury (reverse: photo space + age, date, what happened, where, reaction) 
- First sleepover (reverse: photo space + age, date, where, who with, reaction)
- I'm a bike rider (reverse: photo space + age, date, where, who helped me, reaction) 

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