Custom Reward Chart - Circle



Please note the image is a digital sample, your order will come printed, laminated in a gloss finish and shipped to you.

Reward charts of all kinds have been a big hit in our household for a variety of things. From the morning grind getting ready for kindy and school, to good behaviour and even chores. There's no need to add a reward for finishing the chart if it doesn't align with your values, so we've left that off where other charts might have space for a visual end reward. We just use stickers and that's enough for our kids, thankfully haha!

Our charts are super customisable, so you can pick your own title, your own behaviours/chores etc. your own colours, your own font - all the things! Once we've got some samples out we'll photograph them and add them to the website for better visuals in future - but it seems pointless to do it beforehand because there's only so many charts we need in one house ;)

If you'd like a blank space instead of behaviours/chores etc. then just leave the boxes blank, then you can write your own in with whiteboard marker, stickers, a label maker etc.

Each chart comes printed in A4 size (29.7x21cm and a 3mm border) and laminated in a high gloss finish. The glossy finish means you can have your child use a whiteboard marker to draw a tick, a face, colour it in - whatever they want! Then you can wipe it clean - we recommend using a tiny bit of glass cleaner on a cloth for best results. If you want to use stickers, then you can peel them off, scrape them off and use a bit of something like orange oil or De-Solv-It to remove any residue. Whatever way you choose, these charts will last plenty of uses!