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Bright Ideas for Young Minds



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Are you looking for new ideas to engage your young child's curious mind and energetic body? Ideas that are both fun and educational? Are you looking for ways to ensure that the time you spend with your child is quality bonding time? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then look no further. Bright Ideas for Young Minds is a collection of 70 step-by-step activities (aimed at 0-6 year olds) to do at home with your child. The team at BestStart, New Zealand's largest early learning provider, has put together this book especially for people like you. With contributions from over 100 early childhood educators, as well as Plunket, The Heart Foundation and Jumping Beans, this book is a treasure trove of activities designed to stimulate the inquiring minds of our youngest learners. 

From wet and wild adventures, crazy rocks, giant ice balls to stomp painting, this book has dozens of brilliant low-cost ideas that your kids will love. All the activities are beautifully photographed and laid out in an easy-to-follow style complete with learning outcomes and handy tips. Bright Ideas for Young Minds is guaranteed to fill many an afternoon with wonder, giggles, shrieks of delight and countless light bulb moments when a skill is mastered, new knowledge is gained and imaginations are ignited.