Black Inkless Printing Kit
Black Inkless Printing Kit

Black Inkless Printing Kit

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We've all heard horror stories of trying to make prints of babies' hands or feet only to fail miserably and make a huge mess - but this doesn't need to be a problem anymore! No more messy ink all over your clothes and furniture trying to capture a tiny little imprint. BABYink's inkless printing technology creates prints in minutes with none of the mess. 

Simply wipe the pad included in your set on your babe's hand or foot and press it onto the special paper. After 5-8 minutes the print will appear, leaving you with a perfect lasting keepsake and none of the awkward clean up! Mess free and stress free - what more could you want? You can also draw or write on the paper which comes blank with no logo. 

The wipes and paper are non-toxic and safe to use from birth. For a relaxed handprint rather than a balled fist you can try using the kit when baby is asleep because the clean up is such a breeze they may even carry on sleeping. 

Kit Includes:
1 x Non-toxic ink-less wipe (blue)
4 x Double sided A5 (14.85 x 21cm) special paper to make the prints
If the instructions are followed correctly - the kit can achieve between 4 - 8 prints

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