BIBS Soother


Brand BIBS

BIBS soothers are one of the leading brands of soother/dummy/pacifier the world, made in Denmark for over 30 years with an excellent reputation for quality and style behind them. Available in a range of colours, these soothers are not only safe and practical but ultra stylish as well with their classical round shape. All soothers are size 2 which for an average sized baby is suitable from birth to toddler.

The shield is designed with holes to allow air flow and turns outward slightly from the face to keep skin irritation at bay. The round rubber nipple is reminiscent of a mother's breast, making it preferable for newborns up. 

Nipple material: Latex/100% natural rubber 
Shield material: Polypropylene
100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates

Please note when purchasing a 2 pack you will receive 2 of the same colour soothers. These cannot be mixed and matched.