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$5 NZ shipping | Shipping daily until 23.12.2017 - Christmas delivery not guaranteed but highly likely as we use overnight courier only!
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Meet the Team

At First Milestone we're a family business. All the designing, packaging and customer service might be solely done by me, Dani, but that's not to say that everyone else doesn't have an equally important role to play. Without them I wouldn't have had the inspiration to start this journey, and I certainly wouldn't be able to make this dream a reality without my incredibly hardworking partner in crime, Ethan.  

The birth of our first son, Felix, in 2012 is what ignited my passion for the children's interiors industry and I ran my own successful children's decor store for several years after this. Then along came his brother, Frankie, in 2015 which made me reevaluate exactly what path in this industry I wanted to go down. I re-realised that my passion was still right where it started creating birth posters, and so First Milestone was born. We hope you enjoy what we have in store.    


Dani PortraitDani is the creative mind and hands behind First Milestone. She designs all the birth posters, prints and packages most of the orders, and carefully curates the other items offered under the First Milestone label. 

Dani enjoys binge watching TV shows, Curiously Strong mints, over salting her food, forcing her family on huge walks around their city and reciting the entire Kiwiburger song.

Ethan portraitEthan deals with all the numbers behind the scenes of First Milestone and ensures everything is ticking along smoothly. Occasionally he gets roped into packaging as well, much to his disgust.

Ethan enjoys playing video games, talking about video games and video game collectibles. He also enjoys extra pickle in his Burger King, and has an uncanny knack for spotting four leaf clovers.

Felix portraitFelix is the first born child of Dani and Ethan. He serves as the in-house entertainment, and sometimes helps with putting stickers on parcels and chatting up the ladies at the Post Office.

Felix enjoys playing with the hose, memorising dinosaur names, eating gherkins and frozen cauliflower, sassing his Mum and reenacting every scene from Moana with great enthusiasm.

Frankie portraitFrankie is the second child of Dani and Ethan, and his sleeping habits are the very reason they will never have more children. At 1 year old, he can't do a lot in the business, so we'll just call him the supporting act for the entertainment.

Frankie enjoys Peppa Pig, Dad's phone, jumping on the bed, opening the fridge, posting household items out the cat door and walking around in shoes that don't belong to him.

Cats portraitLottie and Licorice are the cats. Lottie is eight years old and Licorice is 13 years old. They don't really do anything at all, so we've dubbed them the store mascots.  

Lottie enjoys visiting the retirement village behind our house for multiple meals to fill the black hole that is her appetite. Licorice enjoys pretending she likes you so she can try to kill you and leaving dead mice in the bathroom.

We can't express how much we appreciate your support, whether you've made a purchase, recommended us to a friend, or simply left a comment on Facebook or Instagram. It all helps. When you shop with us you're not paying for a CEO to buy another boat or take his fourth holiday of the season. You're helping to support a normal New Zealand family, just trying to get ahead like everyone else.