We know you probably don't want to read all the boring stuff about why or how we got into business, so we'll get right down to the nitty gritty and let you take a read about WHO First Milestone is instead - with bonus fun facts, because seriously, who doesn't like fun facts? And a big thanks to Danielle from Sweet Petite for our kick-ass peg portraits!

First Milestone meet the team - Dani
Dani is the creative mind and hands behind First Milestone. Based in Christchurch, she does all the designing, packaging and social media and also chooses all the goodies you see stocked under the First Milestone label. If you want to see 500% too much of her face in live-video form follow her Instagram and watch the stories. Dani enjoys watching RuPaul's Drag Race and crime documentaries, eating kumara chips and curiously strong mints, stupidly hot weather and a good ol' can of green V. She can also recite all the words to both Kiwiburger songs - and she doesn't even like the burgers, go figure. You can't tell me that tune is not dang catchy though!

Meet the First Milestone team - Ethan
Ethan deals with all the numbers behind the scenes of First Milestone and ensures everything is ticking along smoothly. Occasionally he gets roped into packaging as well, much to his disgust. Ethan enjoys playing video games, talking about video games and video game collectibles. He also enjoys extra pickle in his Burger King, and has an uncanny knack for spotting four leaf clovers.

Meet the First Milestone team - Felix & Frankie
Felix is the first born child of Dani and Ethan. At 6 he serves as the in-house entertainment, and sometimes helps with putting stickers on parcels and chatting up the ladies at the Post Office. He enjoys playing with the hose, reciting dinosaur names most adults can't, eating gherkins and frozen cauliflower and reenacting every scene from Ice Age with a great amount of gusto. Frankie is the second child of Dani and Ethan, and his sleeping habits are the very reason they will never have more children. At 2 years old, he can't do a lot in the business, so we'll just call him the supporting act for the entertainment. He enjoys typical toddler activities such as running away from his parents, jumping on the bed, posting household items out the catdoor, throwing his dinner on the floor and yelling “mine” at every possible opportunity.