Plain Ring Teether


Forget all the beads, strings, ribbons and fluff! Our beautiful plain beech teething rings are the perfect minimalist chew and play toy for little ones. Sanded smooth and ready to chomp on to ease the pain of budding teeth and sore gums.

Due to the way these rings have been finished (no oils or waxes), they are 100% non-toxic and naturally anti-bacterial. They have been tested to the relevant NZ standards to ensure compliance and safety. 

Each ring has a 7cm outside diameter and a 4.4cm inside diameter and approximately 1.3cm thickness all the way around. Due to the nature of wood no two teethers will be exactly the same in terms or colour and grain.

Please ensure that you do not leave your child unattended with any toy including these, and check your toy regularly for damage and discard immediately if you notice any damage.