I Can Get Ready Reward Charts



Our free downloadable "I can get ready" charts for morning and evening, aimed at 3-6 year olds, are the perfect way to aid your children in keeping on track and rewarding their progress along the way when it comes to morning and evening tasks. These charts are intended to be hung somewhere in your home where your children can reach them to put stickers on the relevant days and activities for personal accomplishment, with the option to add a reward from yourself on completion. 

Each chart is intended to be used for two weeks, with the first column under each task for the first week and the second column for the second week. Some tasks may not be relevant to your child but you can always stick a piece of paper with another task or relevant sticker over the irrelevant task to personalise it easily for your child.

Each chart can be printed in either A4 (requires approximately 1cm diameter stickers) or A3 size (requires approximately 2cm diameter stickers) depending on your space.

Morning chart contains: Eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, wash face, brush or tie up hair, tidy up, put shoes on, get my bag.

Evening chart contains: Eat dinner, tidy up, put PJ's on, brush or tie hair up, brush teeth, go to the toilet/get a night nappy, read a bedtime story, go to sleep.

Please note you will receive the downloadable file only once you have finished the checkout process - you will not be required to input any payment details, don't panic! You will be able to instantly download your file(s) from the order complete screen, and a link will also be emailed to you. 

We do not offer a printing service on our free printables but printing can be done at any local commercial printer or copy centre, or if you'd prefer to order online we recommend Happy Moose - use the discount code FIRSTMILESTONE for 10% off your order with unlimited uses.