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I often see posts in Facebook groups, asking for ideas on what they can buy for a new baby. Times change so quickly - heck, my "baby" is 2 years old now and already there are so many new things that weren't around back then.

So to make it a bit easier for you - here are 10 gift ideas for a new baby!

1. A keepsake book
Now let me tell you - it was REALLY hard to find beautiful keepsake books when my oldest (now 5) was born. Like REALLY hard. Now there are so many beautiful options, you lot are lucky! Dani sells a few brands of keepsake books - my two faves would be: 'Write to Me - the first 5 years' which is a linen covered book that is really clean and minimalistically designed - comes in grey (perfect if you're buying gender neutral) and a lovely baby pink. And secondly 'Marlee + Jo - The Baby Book' which is a monochrome book (again - gender neutral) full of amazingly illustrated pages, this one currently comes in a limited edition gold foil cover which is stunning!

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Write to Me - The First Five Years baby bookFirst Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Marlee + Jo The Baby Book
2. A Baby Shusher
These were in fact around when my youngest was a babe and I absolutely swore by the thing! Every new born NEEDS one. It's literally a little speaker that repeatedly says "shhhhhh shhhhhh shhhhh" - so you don't have to! The Mum may not know her baby will need one, so if you don't think she has one... this is the perfect gift! She'll thank you later...

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Sleepytot Baby Shusher

3. An ultrasonic vaporiser
Again, Mum probably won't think to buy one... but will definitely thank you when her baby gets it's first cold! It's not really something that you think of buying... until it's too late. You're knee deep in baby snot and you haven't slept in days because he/she keeps waking up due to not being able to breathe through their nose. She'll then ask on a Facebook group "Tips/tricks to help my baby with it's first cold? He/she is miserable!" and someone will comment (possibly me) "Ultrasonic vaporiser!". I have one for each kid! Nothing worse than them both being sick and having to pick a favourite!

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Sleepytot Ultrasonic Vaporiser

4. A birth poster
We couldn't not have this in here, obviously haha! Both of my kids have one of Dani's beautiful birth posters and they're both feature art work in their bedrooms. Such a special gift to give someone! If you don't know all the details or their colour scheme, you could always get them a voucher! These posters are no longer available through First Milestone, but Dani passed the rights over to her good friend at Sweet Petite so you can order them here instead!

5. A Jellycat bunny
I'll be the first to say NOT A SOFT TOY. BUT I am very sure that a jellycat bunny is an exception ;) Both my kids absolutely adore their bunnies, they both sleep with them every night and they're pretty bloody cute for a soft toy too! This is definitely the soft toy exception! 

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Global Baby Jellycat BunnyFirst Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Global Baby Jellycat Bunny
6. A Well Child book cover
Those things get a bit ratty after a while, so it's nice to have something pretty and personalised to pop over the cover. Also makes them just that little bit more special if you're going to pop it in a keepsake box for your babe to keep later on!

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Finndieloo Plunket Well Child Book Cover
7. On that note... a Keepsake box
Can you tell by now that I like really practical or really sentimental gifts? ;) This is another beautiful personalised gift that will last forever! Mama can put all of the special things from the newborn journey and beyond, into this box to keep forever. They also look really cool in a kids room - bonus!

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Keeps wooden baby keepsake box
8. A legs out swaddle
I've never personally used one of these, but I've only heard amazing things! Amazing for summer babies as they're cooler than a traditional swaddle - but you can totally use them on a winter babe too, just pop a footed onesie underneath. They're great for hips as they have full leg and hip movement, while swaddling but allowing some freedom of whether the baby would like their arms up or down. 

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Global Baby Oohbubs legs out swaddle

9. Lamington socks
This one is more aimed at a non-summer baby... but I really struggled to find newborn socks for Marlo that actually stayed on her skinny newborn legs! A friend sent me some Lamingtons and they were amazing! I bought some for my friends twins when they were newborns, she had the same sock problem! Lamingtons for the win!

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Lamington newborn socks
10. A sleeping bag
This is again, probably the kind of thing that Mum wouldn't have bought when she was pregnant... but baby's first winter will roll around and she will be on the hunt for one. So you could save her a job and buy the new baby a snuggly merino sleeping bag for whenever it's needed. My personal faves are the Woolbabe 3 seasons sleeping bags, super versatile and super snug!

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | The Sleep Store woolbabe sleeping bag
I hope you like my 10 new baby gift ideas! I tried to cover varying price ranges too, so there should be something for everyone.

Jordan x

Jordan is a lifestyle blogger over at With the Whittakers and occasionally guest blogs for First Milestone. She loves stripes, Lift Plus and one day soon will probably hold the world record for "most string of pearls plants in one house."

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Claire van der Merwe - FinndieLoo said:

Lovely products! What a lovely surprise to see that one of our products made your list. Thank you so much.
X Claire

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