First Milestone | Easy gifts for your amazing midwife
Was your midwife nothing short of amazing? If you're in New Zealand and the time is coming for your care with your midwife to end and you'd like to say thank you with a little somethin' somethin', then check out these gifts to suit all budgets! 

Honestly, I know this sounds like the cheapest, simplest most cop-out gift ever but it's not! Both midwives I had for my kids as well as midwives I've met and known (which is more than you'd think!) have said that they don't expect gifts when finishing care but it's obviously something nice. However the most treasured ones are those that include heartfelt words and a photo of your baby, so if you're strapped for time or money this is a perfect option! Just print a photo from your local photo centre and grab a wee card and you're away! A completely underrated option in my opinion!
Budget: $2 - $10

First Milestone | I'm a midwife what's your superpower free printSOMETHING FOR THE OFFICE
If you're struggling for ideas but don't want to spend much and you'd like to get something as well as a card, then we've just loaded a new free printable into the free downloads section of the website! It's obviously midwife inspired and if you print one and chuck it in a cheap but good
Warehouse or Kmart frame you've got something for them to put in their office space or home that's a little more personal! 
Budget: $5 - $15

Owl & Monkey amazing midwife at your cervix decalA FUNNY DECAL
Now I'm sure you've all seen variations of the hilarious "amazing midwife at your cervix," and our friend Lisa from Owl & Monkey does this in a decal form which you can find here! It comes in 3 different sizes, so you could get the smallest one and chuck it on a $1 Warehouse mug, get a slightly larger one and pop it on a plain candle, or get the biggest size and pop it on the front of a notebook! The options are pretty endless here, so the budget obviously depends on what you use it for but it makes for a great way to take an ordinary gift to the next level!
Budget: $10 - $17 + $6.50 shipping

Love From Seventeen amazing midwife at your cervix keyringA KEYRING
This is another gift with the token "midwife at your cervix" phrase on it but equally as cool! Love From Seventeen have these beautiful keyrings available in their signature light bamboo with etched words, and they'd make a perfect present for the stylish midwife in your life! Plus at 6cm wide it's a perfect statement piece without being too bulky and in the way.
Budget: $14 + $7.50 shipping

Fructify new baby weighing sling for midwives, midwife giftsA WEIGHING SLING
If you want to get something super useful for your midwife a weighing sling always goes down a treat! Babies are usually super relaxed when they're being weighed in the sling on home visits rather than on cold hard scales - and you know what a relaxed baby can mean...a wee or a spew right in the sling! They're machine washable but how handy would it be as a midwife to just have an extra one or two on hand if you've got lots of babies in your care that are born around the same time! Fructify is the only New Zealand place I've found that makes them year-round with a range of fabric options, and I love the black and white cross fabric! 
Budget: $30 + shipping dependent on location

Only Love Gift Co midwife gift boxA GIFT BOX
When I decided to write this blog post I put out some feelers in a group I'm in with some other lovely mums in business for some extra ideas and Leigh from Box & Bow (formerly known as Only Love Gift Co) suggested one of her gift boxes. A little gift box is a great idea and Leigh has gone above and beyond and created a midwife themed gift box that would make a perfect parting gift! Each gift box comes with a mug in black or white with an "amazing midwife at your cervix" decal, a hot drink option (boutique coffee, hot chocolate or tea) and a sweet treat (Russian fudge or salted caramel chocolate) and is sure to be appreciated by your midwife after a hard day or night's work!
Budget: $60 + $9.95 shipping

Finndieloo A4 hydrangea diary cover - amazing midwife at your cervixA DIARY COVER
For any independent midwife planning is absolutely key, so you'll know that they've got to note everything down because there's usually so many women in their care that are pregnant or have new babies so another great gift idea is a diary cover for those big A4 diaries you so often see them using. Enter Claire from Finndieloo! I've been long time supporter and customer of Claire's and she makes gorgeous personalised diary covers! And often "Amazing midwife at your cervix" comes up on those covers - or you can personalise with their name! Being that midwives plan 9 months ahead so will already have a diary and these are only for the current or following year you may want to keep the diary for yourself and just gift the cover - but that's still a pretty amazing gift!
Budget: $48 + $7.50 shipping

KJ Designs mother's love designer midwife pendantA FITTING PIECE OF JEWELLERY
If your midwife went above and beyond and you're really wanting to get something super special, then Susan at KJ Designs does a beautiful "Mother's Love" pendant that could be an option as it's super fitting with a mother and baby stamped into the metal. Or you could find a lovely charm of a baby or the first letter of your baby's name and gift that to her instead for something super sentimental to be treasured.
Budget: $51.75 + $5.20 shipping

I hope you enjoyed this round up and even if none of these gifts suit your taste I hope it's at least given you some inspiration for what to get for the wonderful person who delivered your babe into the world! This blog will stay around and we'll update it whenever we think of something new to add to it, so if you ever see someone asking for midwife gift ideas in NZ then please feel free to link them to it! And as always if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below - we'd love to hear!

Dani x

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Dani is the creative mind and hands behind First Milestone, and most blogs you see written here will have been penned by her. Dani enjoys RuPaul's Drag Race and crime documentaries, kumara chips and a good ol' Monteith's Golden Lager. 
January 22, 2018 — Dani Lee



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