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Being mum to a newborn can be a bloody rough ride, even when it's not your first! Everyone wants to watch and cuddle the baby and bring a wee gift, but we all know that sometimes the most appreciated kind of gift would be a hot meal or someone to fold the washing for you! 

We asked our amazing Instagram community for their top tips on how you can help the amazing new mamas in your life, but in a less conventional way! We got literally hundreds of responses so we've removed the double ups and compiled our fave 30. Tuck these ideas away in your mind and you'll never have to worry about what to get a new mum again!

First Milestone | Top ways to help a new mum collage cover photo

1. Respect their rules and privacy. If mum asks for space, give it to her!
2. Bring them food that can be easily eaten with one hand.
3. Turn up and not hold the baby! Do some housework and make her partner sit down too!
4. Ask how they're doing! Not just baby. And just being there for them.
5. Offer to do a supermarket shop for them! 
6. Take photos of them with baby, since mum is usually behind the camera.
7. Hold or just keep an eye on baby while they sleep so mum can have a nap or a shower without worrying!
8. Just listen to them and don't offer her advice unless she straight up asks for it.
9. ASK when's best to visit not just show up! And make sure you show up on time once you do organise it!
10. My mum got me a cleaner for 6 weeks - she's a legend!
11. Leave them alone until they're ready for visitors. 
12. Drop off some meals for their freezer and don't expect to stay and cuddle the baby.
13. If they have older kids offer to do the school/kindy run in the first few weeks or or bring their kids over for a playdate.
14. Organise with your group of friends and/or their family, colleagues etc. to have someone drop off a fresh hot meal for the household at dinner time. Take turns for the first few weeks to ease some stress while mum gets into the swing of things.
15. Offer to go with them if they need to go out to an appointment or to do the groceries so they have an extra pair of hands.
16. Once she's recovered from her birth ask her if she wants to go for a walk. Going out with baby can be daunting, even just around the block, but cabin fever with a newborn is real so it can do wonders to get out!
17. Remember to stop by after the newborn phase too.
18. Bring or make mum and dad some breakfast or lunch on a weekend or day off.
19. Be excited about subsequent children not just the first. 
20. Make your own cuppa when you visit, and make one for her too!
21. If they're feeling overwhelmed or have said lots of people are dropping by unannounced and they're not digging it, find a free printable shhhh baby sleeping sign and put it on their front door!
22. Don't assume that just because it's their second, third, fourth, etc. baby that they don't need the help because they know what they're doing!
23. If you're heading through the supermarket or going past their house ask if they need anything. Quickly dropping in some bread or milk might make her day if she's not used to going out solo with the baby yet.
24. Make meals for their freezer so they can just get them out and cook or reheat them. But make sure you drop them off before baby is born so they can enjoy their newborn bubble with one less stress.
25. Make baking and snacks that they can just keep within reach when they know they're going to be stuck under a sleeping baby.
26. Limit visits to less than an hour!
27. Do some housework for them, even if they tell you not to. Even just loading the dishwasher, wiping down the bench or putting on a load of washing is appreciated!
28. Make smoothie bags if they have a blender so they can take one out of the freezer and just add liquid for an easy nutritious breakfast or snack!
29. If baby is sleeping when you visit, don't wait around too long for them to wake for snugs.
30. If they have dogs offer to take them for a walk so mum doesn't have to worry!

I'd love to hear your favourite way to help a new mum! I'll be keeping the list updated so I'd love to add more!

Dani x

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