First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Brooklyn's bedroom tour

Brooklyn's room is definitely one of my favourites in our house! We live in a two storey A-frame style house which makes the bedrooms very interesting to style as we loose a lot of wall space. Both kids rooms are rather skinny, but Brooklyn's is extra long - and no, there's no photo cropping trickery - what you see is what you get and yes that means there is no wardrobe! Marlo doesn't have one either, so we have to be pretty savvy with our storage solutions for both clothes and 'stuff.'

When picking the main items for Brooklyn's room, I've always gone with a monochrome base. Helps that it's been quite 'in' for the last little while, but it's made it really easy to make a bedroom that grows with him. Previous rooms have all been rather similar, but with different pops of colour. One had red, one had mint... and now mustard seems to be the colour pop of choice. 

I'll add photos and talk through items as we go...

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Brooklyn's bedroom tour

As you walk into Brooklyn's room, this is the view that you see - a wee reading nook against the a-frame wall (not a lot else that can go there!). The four of us sit here every night for before bed stories.

Picture ledge (used as book shelf): Bunnings
Floor cushions: The Warehouse

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Brooklyn's bedroom tour

When choosing a bed for Brooklyn, we knew that we wanted a king single. We wanted it to be big enough that if we had to snuggle - there was room. And that it was big enough that it would last a fair while! Keeping in with the monochrome base palette here with the bed, the bedside table and the duvet cover - and adding pops of colour with art work and cushions.

Bed: Freedom Furniture
Duvet cover: Citta Design
Cushions: The Warehouse (back two), Intec Interiors (front)
Wall decals: One Hundred Percent Heart
Bedside table: Mocka
Birth poster: Sweet Petite
Print hanger: Arch n Co
Wall hooks: Kmart
Custom hanging flag: Peg Creative

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Brooklyn's bedroom tour

Again, keeping in with the monochrome - my husband re-painted these drawers for Brooklyn's bedroom 4 years ago. They were (back in the day) flat pack drawers assembled by my Poppa for the first house he and my Nana bought together - isn't that cool! Nare repainted and we replaced the handles with something a bit more modern and that was it! I love them so much! The Kmart locker to the right of the drawers holds board games and all of the kids lego (stored colour separated in sistema containers) - it's lockable which is great!

Wire photo grid: The Warehouse
Doll: Claire Leblond
Keepsake box: Keeps
Locker: Kmart
Personalised banner: Love from Seventeen

First Milestone | Jordan Whittaker | Brooklyn's bedroom tour

This storage system is a new addition to his bedroom to replace what was an overflowing (and messy) toy box! We added the castor wheels to give it a bit of extra height, and just for something a bit different. It's a great place for lots of toys and extra books. The kids can bring a box of toys downstairs if they don't want to play upstairs, and return it when they're done... ha ha good one, I'M the one that returns it!

8 x 2 cubes + castors: Bunnings
Grey felt boxes: Kmart
Rug: Dapper Mr Bear
Abacus: Whittle
Faux cactus: The Warehouse
Shelf brackets: Ikea
Felt flag: Toodles Noodles
Easter bag: Stuck on You
Wall dot: Happy Moose

I hope you've enjoyed this little visual room tour and may have found some inspirations for your own kiddies rooms!

Jordan x

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March 26, 2018 — Jordan Whittaker

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