First Milestone | The best age gaps to have between kids
Are you planning to have a second child and stressing over what the best age gap is? Or are you going back for a third or fourth (or more!) but didn't dig the age gap you had last time? 

We reached out to our knowledgeable community of mums on Instagram to ask them what age gaps they have between their kids, and whether they rate it or hate it!

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First Milestone | The best age gaps to have between kids

1 year or less
1 year and I like it but wouldn't recommend if you also have twins like me, 3 under 3 years!
• I've got twins - 2 minutes apart and it's perfect!
• 5 years, 11 months then 2 years. 11 months was the hardest but worth it now that they're bigger!
• 10 months! It was really hard but I'm actually glad we had this gap now that we're finished having children because we got out of the baby years faster and now they're at a fun age and so close!
• We have 11 months between number 1 and 2 and I'm not sure if it was the gap itself or just going from 1 kid to 2 but it was really trying and I'm so glad it's over! Number 1 isn't really independent by the time the second comes along so it's intense!

1-2 years
• 17 months and it's been hard. Currently 2 years old and 7 months now, but I'd have preferred at least a 2 year gap.
• 2 years and then 18 months which is awesome because they will all grow up together!
• 13 months apart - it's not for the weak!
• 18 months between the two and I love it, 10/10. They love each other and almost grow up looking age mated.
• 16 months - it's bloody HARD mainly because number 1 can't talk yet so there's so much frustration!
• 19 months - wouldn't rate it at all!
• 20 months which is hard as shit but I imagine they'll be besties later.
• 15 months and I love it, they're best friends!

2-3 years
• 2 years and it was hard. I think 2.5 - 3.5 years would be ideal so they can communicate better.
• 2 years, 3 months and I think it's an awesome age gap!
• 2 years between and it was okay! Not the best, not the worst, I think you just adjust!
• 2.5 years - love it! It's hard sometimes, but they already love each other. 
• 2.5 years because our oldest is old enough to be independent and sometimes helpful.
• 2 years and 5 months and I love it. We haven't had any issues or feelings of jealousy, and being able to communicate feelings really helps.
• 2.3 years and I love it. It's a happy medium between old and young.

3-4 years
• 3 years between my two and I don't rate it. 3 years olds are so emotional and don't always accept that mum has someone else relying on her too.
• 3.5 years and I love it! I'm due with number 3 which will be a 1.5 year gap and I'm kind of scared for that!
• 3 years and 3 weeks. 3 has been hard on all of us!
• 3.5 years - rate it! Number one was self sufficient and helpful.
• Almost 4 years which I think is too long because you already have your life back then you're back in the newborn trenches!

4-5 years
• 4 years. It was good because we only ever had 1 at a time in nappies and on a bottle!
• My girls are 4.5 years apart and they love each other which has made it really easy on me. My oldest is a great little mother hen!
• Our oldest was a month off turning 5 when his sister was born and really doted on her when she was a baby, he was so helpful and loved holding her so I could get things done. But now that they're a bit older he wants to play with his big kid toys and she just wants to touch everything so I don't think he feels the same way anymore haha!

5 years or more
• 10 years between number 1 and  2 and 20 months between 2 and 3...they're both an "experience" haha.
• 6 years and 3 years between each of our kids - didn't plan the gaps and no pros or cons really.
• 9 years. I wouldn't recommend because it's hard finding activities that a 1 year old and a 9 year old would both want to do.
• 10.5 years and it's amazing! My big boy helps SO much and will be babysitting age by the time bub is 4.

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